System Replacement

Home owners shouldn’t be pressured into system replacement because a technician cannot resolve the problem.

Too often home owners are persuaded by fear tactics or high pressure sales schemes.

The central cooling system is the hardest working appliance in a home.

A poorly installed system will only cause headaches and hot nights.

Get it done right the first time.

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Advanced Heat
Pump/Air Conditioner

Most air conditioners operate at less than their maximum efficiency, presenting energy-saving opportunities.

Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners and taking other actions to keep your home cool could reduce energy use for air conditioning by 20% to 50%.

High-efficiency heat pumps provide heating and cooling with less wasted energy. What this means you is less cost to keep you and your family comfortable. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important to take advantage of proven advanced technologies in your home?

High-efficiency and ultra-efficient heat pumps save money by heating and cooling a home using refrigerant cycle technology similar to that used by your kitchen refrigerator. Heat pumps take heat out of the air or the ground to heat your home in winter. In summer the cycle is reversed; they pull heat out of your home and discharge it to the air or to the ground to cool your home. High-efficiency comfort equipment meets ENERGY STAR requirements for efficiency. Ultra-efficient comfort equipment meets or exceeds the criteria for ENERGY STAR’s “Most Efficient” designation.


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