Home Energy Makeover

What is a Home Energy Makeover?

  • A complete HVAC and Insulation systems review with  diagnostic report
  • Homeowner consultation and review
  • Cost-effective energy saving Improvements completed
  • Home Energy Makeover systems results report



Why a Home Energy Makeover

  • Are your energy bills too high?
  • Do you have holes letting hot air in?
  • Are there tears in your duct work?
  • Is your insulation flat?
  • Are some rooms stuffy, with no air flow?
  • Is your home built before 2005?
  • Some rooms hot, others cold?
  • Does your AC system run all day?

These are signs you might need a Home Energy Makeover.

Best Home Energy Efficiency Makeover & Green Energy Saving Home Improvements in Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Pinellas & Pasco

Infrared Imaging

With thermal imaging we can find those sneaky hot, cold and even wet areas. Giving you more solutions to keep your home comfortable and lower the cost of enjoying it.

Home thermal imaging scans diagnose any defects in your insulated roofs, walls, floors, and foundation. What this means to you is the opportunity to identify problems related to high utility bills and moisture damage. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important to protect the largest asset for most families.

A thermographic camera (also called an infrared camera or thermal imaging camera) uses infrared radiation, rather than visible light, to take a photograph or video showing temperature variation. When looking at an infrared image, darker areas are cooler and lighter areas are warmer. So, for example if you went outside on a cold evening and looked at a home with an infrared camera, windows would appear lighter and areas where the insulation was the thickest would appear the darkest. If there were leaks around the windows, you might see light streaks extending out from the windows, indicating warm air flowing out of those leaks. These cameras are useful at finding gaps in insulation where heat is flowing through a wall or other building component at a much greater rate than the surrounding area.

Built - In Inconveniences

Recessed lighting, attic access, fireplaces, dropped ceilings, wall chases, these are built-into your home and they can suck out comfort and energy.

Poorly air-sealed homes are less comfortable and cost more to maintain because they introduce drafts, cold spots, moisture, and insects into the home. Builders can provide a home with comprehensive draft protection by installing a continuous air barrier around the whole house and by taking extra care to caulk and seal in all those places where holes and cracks may be lurking around wiring, plumbing, ducts, and flues.

Wouldn't you agree, your home should have the same energy improvements as a newly constructed home?


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